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What to Know So That You Are A Pro in Touch Typing

Based on the popularity of computers nowadays at home and in offices, touch typing is an essential skill to have. After you learn the skill, you will realize that it is not as intricate as you thought before. Therefore, why must you learn this typing skill?

Although there is still a high percentage of people who typed when checking their screens, it is advisable that they; learn this other typing mode for efficiency. This is because if you look at the screen while typing it will take you more time to type the information and read it all over again to make sure you have typed the correct thing instead of getting immediate feedback as you type each word. With this kind of writing, your productivity will be reduced significantly.

Many individuals will learn this type of typing by going for typing training or school. Those who went to school in the period when computers were not prevalent will have no idea about typing. However, when you have a close friend and relative able to reach you, you will be advantaged since all you will world on is your accuracy and speed. Discussed below are some of the guidelines you can use to improve on your touch typing skills.

This method will guide your fingers to the position to start on the keyboard. Place the left index finger on F, and the right index finger on J And the rest of the fingers should be spread sideways on the neighboring keys. After that find the other keys each hand is responsible for by moving them up a row and down a row from the initial position. After that open any text editor and try to type the alphabet. Before typing each letter make sure your hands are in the initial position and recall which finger to use to move up your hand or down a row. Do this for some times so that you can eventually be accurate. Be firm on yourself and do not cheat.

Proceed to type simple sentences still being strict on yourself. At this point try to select the correct keys and do not worry about speed. Before the mind and fingers become well-coordinated, it will take several weeks depending on an individual. The journey of knowing how to type will be frustrating at some point but keep pushing. With continuous practice, you will become more accurate, and your speed will improve. When you get the drift, you will be able to even type without looking at the keyboard.

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