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All You Need To Know To Be A Master Of Bubble Game 3

Bubble game 3 is an adventurous shooter game. Its design is more like Spade Invaders. The game consists of bubbles that fill nine rows. The field of bubbles is fired by use of alternating colors at the screen’s bottom. Keep reading to know more about bubble game 3.

The bubbles burst when the bubble bullet hits same coloured field bubble. If you stick bubbles that don’t match, nothing will burst. Instead the bullet increase the population and get attached to the existing bubbles. The game ends when you shoot all the bubbles. At the end of the game the final bubble bursts with a great chain reaction.
Just like Space Invaders, this game needs strategy. Missing four times means that the rear row will keep getting pushed to the bullet bubble. What that means is that the game is over.

The game involves three types of first shots. If it is your first time, shoot bubble that match one after the other. As you keep learning, that’s when you will realize the three types of first shots. The first is match shots that require you to shoot bubble bullet against a field of bubble that matches. The second type of shot is the buddy shot that where you land two or more bubbles that match and get a great chain reaction. Isolation shot is the third kind where you add a bubble on the boarder is you don’t find matching field bubbles.Nothing bursts but you will have a chance to stack the board that will help you later in the game.

There are other additional types of shots that will make you the master at this game. There is the isolated groups where the first shot will depend on the bullet bubble color. If the bullet bubble is of the right color and you gave a chance to match a buddy shot, you can skip the other choices and opt for isolated group shot. Isolated group shot works well for unique bubble formations.

Scoop shoots require planning. They clear whole bubble scoop formations together with non-matching bubbles attached to them. There are also loop shots that are preferred than scoop shots. You build a block of loop formation while making an isolated group shot. Clearing shots are used to clear the last bubble. They can be of any color.

The game has two types of traps. The first one is found at the end of a cycle where at the back row, bubbles populate. You need to plan accordingly when you see upcoming bullet bubble. The second trap is where all colors except thee clear from the field. The front row has bubbles that don’t have the same color with the bullet bubble. At this stage, you have to be keen not to waste a shot.

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