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A Beginners Guide to Sorcery-Setting Up Your First Witch

By and large, there has been seen an increase in the number of adults who claim to be Wiccans in the United States, the figures having grown from the paltry 602000 as per the year 2008 to over 2 million as per the claims as seen in the beginning of the year 2016. In fact, these figures are even seen as being way below the actual as a number of the witches choose to hide their identity with the religion to those that they dont know.

And for those who are into the Wiccan path, most of them are solitary witches who do not belong to a practicing coven as they prefer to do their magic on their own.

When it comes to the choice of practicing the craft without belonging to a coven, the one challenge there has been with this is the need to get started in it as a solitary witch, for it is quite daunting and confusing getting around with this without the help of an experienced mentor.

In fact, one thing that needs to be as clear is that witches will never be a forthcoming when it comes to the divulging of the magical spaces and the rituals that attend their practices as a matter of fact. It is believed that this is one of the most effective ways that they get to protect themselves and their fellows from the harm that may befall them from those who may be seeking to harm them.

Fortunately enough for you who is looking for their way into the pagan path, this guide will be of much help to you as you get started on this path. Talking of this religion in particular, just as it is with the other forms of religion, the one thing that you need to make sure that you have found right is to ensure that you have a good idea on what goes into setting your altar space. In this guide, you will be taken through in a thorough and detailed version where you will be setting your altar space, all that you need, and how to set everything right in your scared space.

Location is what we tackle first. The one rule of thumb in this regard to follow is to know that you can never set up your circle anywhere in an open floor and begin working from there and as such you need to ensure that you get the right spaces for you to manipulate energies and the most ideal ones are such that should be quiet and peaceful.

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