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How to Pull a Preppy Look

If you want to change your clothing look, you might want to find the preppy style. The preppy look is both simple and classic. The following tips can help you in getting your preppy look. To look great you need to groom your hair, nails, and a simple wardrobe. When you choose the preppy style of clothing, you need to know that it is very conservative and clean, and that is why you should also smell and look good. Your powder should be pure and simple as well when if you choose the preppy style. It is not a must to wear makeup, but if you do, muted or natural shades are the best.

When you have fully considered the preppy look, you need to learn more about the best retailers. There are many places where you can get the best preppy wardrobes. The high-quality brands are what you should think. If you spend just a little of your time in these stores you will get to understand what is the preppy look. You need to invest in skirts, shorts, and khaki pants. Khaki color is both conservative and classic due to multiple reasons. Some of these reasons is that it does not require much maintenance, and it also works well with many styles. It also matches well with the other preppy clothing like polo shirts, plaids, pastels or flirty florals.

You should not fail to add some lines if you choose the preppy style. Without some games of stripes, your preppy wardrobe will be incomplete. During the weekend, a striped t-shirt or a sweater is perfect. Wearing some strip to the office is also allowed. make sure that you put a blazer on top with a pair of pants. You should learn to understand the neutral colors if you choose the preppy look. For instance, you can connect grey or black with fresh white or light pastel. Neutral colors are what defines a classic and simple look. A preppy look is perfect with simple accessories.

Ensure that your choice of handbags and shoes is matching with the neutral colors also. You can also not go wrong with gold and silver as your jewelry choice for the preppy look. However, they should not be large or fancy. You should improve your position to even pair with your new preppy look. If you are still stuck in the younger preppy look, you also need to adjust it to match your age. Initially, it can seem like a costly affair when shifting to the preppy wardrobe.

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