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A Clear Guide to Follow when Selecting a Good Pc for your Graphics Design.

The most common pc according to apple is windows and Mac. However, windows are widely used by people as opposed to using the Mac. However, the two pcs are good to use and choosing the best is a challenging decision. If you are in such a situation, here are several guidelines to help you when choosing the best pc for your graphic design.

All the people who began graphic design in the ancient days would prefer the Mac as opposed to the windows. Photoshop originally began with the Mac pc. In the ancient times, Mac was the only computer which had typography. Typography was originally made by Susan Kare, which she sold to other companies like windows and Oracle. However, windows have more specs, and people are starting to believe in it.

With windows, the hardware is upgradable, and it can be customized. Windows has a plethora of configurations to choose from. There are specific aspects about the Mac which you cannot upgrade. You can only improve the memory of the Mac computer. If you need a computer which you are contented with its original specs you should get the Mac. The main difference between the Mac and the widows is that the Photoshop plug-ins are different.

Both windows and the Mac have different soft wares. Each computer has its own special features, and they are unique. Siri and Cortana are the two voice-controlled personal assistance for windows and Mac. If you are a gamer or a designer, you need to choose the windows pc. With the windows computer, you will get a higher processing power, better RAM and good storage space. These are some of the things which are important when looking for a good pc to play games. There are many features found in the windows pc as compared to the Mac. If you contemplate on buying a windows computer, you should be able to tell the difference between the windows 10 pro and the home.

One thing about the Mac is that they are not prone to viruses. The best computer for graphic design is dependent on your own taste. Computers are not cheap, and you need to decide on the one which you think suits you best. Mac computers are very expensive because the same firm also makes Mac hardware. Another thing that makes Mac very expensive is that they have many updates. This means that if you want to buy the best pc with a tight budget, you should go for windows.