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the Origin of Guy Fawkes Mask and Its Development.

Guy Fawkes used to live in the times of Queen Elizabeth. During that time if you were found guilty with treason, you were supposed to be murdered. When you were caught you were to be slaughtered and even hanged. Therefore, when Guy Fawkes realised that he would be punished like this, he decided to jump from a ladder dying immediately due to dislocation of the neck. Continue reading to know more on the origin of the Guy Fawkes mask and its development.

Many priests died during the time of Queen Elizabeth 1 because she hated Catholics. This behaviour continued even when King James was on the throne. Guy Fawkes was a Catholic and he was tired of this behaviour. Therefore, he took some forces with other people of Catholic and decided to blow up parliament house using gunpowder.

The life of Guy Fawkes was mostly spent in the battles. When he saw how the king repressed the Catholics it made him angry. This was when Guy Fawkes went to the King of Spain so that they can start an English rebellion. It was made possible because they wanted to be against King James. This kind of act inspired Guy Fawkes in making the gunpowder plan.

They were to put the gun powders in the basements of the houses of the lords. The day that the parliament will open was the perfect day to blow up the house. It was a good day because King James and his eldest son were to be present. Their plan did not succeed since someone sent a letter to the authorities and it was about the gunpowder. When investigations were done Guy Fawkes was found red-handed in the cellars with some matches. When the day November 5th reached people now used to wear Guy Fawkes mask and imitate him on how he wanted to kill the king. He had not yet become their hero.

Some camps were set all through England. It was in this camps that there came a prisoner called V. He was detained because scientists used to have tests done on him. There was a day that V broke out of the camp and burned it down. V decided to revenge on people who had him imprisoned. When he was doing his vengeance he would use the Guy Fawkes mask so that he can be motivated. Wearing a Guy Fawkes mask was similar to wearing a human right shirt.

V met a girl called Evey and the joined hands to fight the evil political parties. When people saw the Guy Fawkes mask, they could have hope, and now it was said that Guy Fawkes was their hero.