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The Strangest Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claim lawsuits are among the common lawsuits in many courts across the world. Many of the personal injury lawsuits generally come as a result of the negligence from the other person. Personal injury cases are particularly very weird in most of the times in nature. Most of the ways through which people hurt themselves physically and mentally are sometimes very funny some of the things that make the whole personal injury lawsuit very weird too. Most of the people tend to exaggerate their personal injury claims which is a major thing that has made a large number of personal injury lawsuits very weird in many courts across the world.

Before learning more about the most common lawsuits, it is very important to hire a good personal injury attorney. Personal injury lawyers do not only represent their clients in the courts of law but also help them in filing their personal injury cases. It is important to understand some of the few basics that can help you get a good and a reliable personal injury lawyer to both file the case for you and represent you in the court of law. As said above, personal injury lawsuits are very weird sometimes and thus important to understand some of the weirdest personal injury lawsuits that require one to hire a good personal injury attorney. The following are some of the very common personal injury lawsuits that are known to be very weird in the personal injury history.

According to Daniel Dukes, the killed by a killer claim is one of the very weird personal injury claim that one can face. According to this personal injury claim, the defendants sued the sea world for the injuries and death that resulted from the killer whales. However, the case was dropped. The second type of a personal injury lawsuit that has ever been reported to be very weird is in the whole history of the personal injury claims is the McDonalds hot coffee disaster. In the killer whale personal injury claim, the plaintiff lost the case as it was dropped but the in this lawsuit, the plaintiff won the case. This type of a lawsuit came about when a woman bought coffee from McDonalds and when went on to remove the lid to add cream the coffee spilled resulting to injuries on her legs and genitals making her sue McDonalds for damages.

The plaintiff won the McDonalds case because of the extremely high temperatures the coffee had which was the McDonalds fault. Fear factor is the other personal injury lawsuit that was reported to be ever weird in the personal injury history. As the plaintiff was watching his TV, he saw a competition of people drinking blended rats which caused emotional distress something that made him run away from the TV and in the process he also hit his head on the door frame therefore suing the network.