Top Orlando Desserts to Make the List of All-Time Favorites

Humanity seems to be drawn to the sweeter things in life. In the more literal sense, people are on a ongoing mission to find the most incredible dessert or sugary snack on the planet. With so many options to choose from, this quest may not every truly end. Still, a number of highly qualified candidates have entered the mix over the centuries. Some stand out well beyond the rest as leading favorites.

America’s Absolute Favorite Desserts

Options and opinions are so diverse, picking only a few front-runners would be virtually impossible. Having said that, some of the people have spoken their minds to pinpoint a number of orlando desserts worthy of making the list. Cheesecake shows up in several slots, but consolidating it into a single favorite with an endless array of preferred toppings helps shorten the list quite a bit. They only go on from there.

  • Carrot Cake: It’s a lovely, decadent cake with an unsung super food hidden away in its most, spongy goodness; what more could it possibly need? Cream cheese frosting certainly sweetens the pot.
  • Apple Pie: As the saying goes, it doesn’t get any more American than baseball and apple pie. This particular dessert didn’t actually originate in America, but it’s still an undying favorite. With a dollop of vanilla ice cream, it’s a double winner. Seriously, ice cream made the list as well.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies: It wasn’t too difficult to see this one coming. Cookies are good and chocolate is wonderful, so mixing bits of the latter into the former is sure to be a hit. Ice cream and cream cheese frosting might make them even better.
  • Fudge: One of the first sentiments to come to mind would be “duh”. Texture alone is enough to earn this treat a top spot. With countless flavors spanning pumpkin spice, caramel coffee, chocolate mint, cookies and cream, orange cream swirl and peanut butter to name only a handful, it was bound to make the cut.

These are only a few of the highly favored desserts Americans listed as their top choices. An endless lineup of other options could easily be mentioned here. Regardless of your personal favorite, several others are sure to be runners-up as well. Of course, there’s no harm in trying a few new choices just be sure.