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A Guide to Fintech Companies

Fintech is short for financial technologies or businesses that provide financial services through the use of software and modern technology. Mobile payments, personal financing, loans, etc. and some of these modern technologies. Fintech companies use modern technology in order to make life easier for consumers.
There is such as a thing as a unicorn in the tech world and this refers to start-up companies that started small and at the bottom but slowly made their way up to becoming worth billions. Not many companies were unicorns in years past, but today unicorns are popping up from every corner of the world.

The fintech companies that have made it to the top 50 of Forbes includes nineteen companies that are valued in billions of dollars, and twenty which are startups. Below are some of the companies that were included in the Forbes top 50 fintech companies.

An investing app called Acorn helps you save money in small and painless increments and rounds up your debit and credit card spending. The largest independent robo-advisor is Betterment. Coinbase helps you buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrency. Fundrise is one of the startups that helps you to invest money in real estate according to your goals. In Robinhood, they will help you invest in stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and more, easily and without commission. Stash allows you to invest and open a debit account with very small amounts of money.

These are examples of the fastest growing fintech companies. These companies stood out for the following reasons.

Betterment is very easy to use. It is so simple that you will doubt that you did it the right way. It did not make users confused as they thought they would. A digital financial advisor that can help manage your money or a robo-advisor is used by Betterment. Advise is given at a low cost. So, even if you have time and budget constraints, the service is accessible to you.

Acorns has payment plans that are priced very low a month. It is very affordable to everyone. Students can even get their basic plan for free.

If you need vital information, then Stash can give it to you. There are many subjects that are currently relevant like cryptocurrencies which appear on their blog posts.

The business marketing techniques of these companies are accessible and appealing to their customers. It is the benefits that one can enjoy that will make consumers choose a brand. Telling a story they can identify with will enable your company to reach out to them. Here is where you can read.

Fintech companies have provided us with acceptable payment modes. Debit and credit cars can be read by Square.

It only takes an email address to open a PayPal account which is very easy to set up. Notifications will be sent out to your smartphone. With a social aspect added to it, Venmo functions a lot like PayPal.