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How to Work Through a Sexless Relationship.

More than 20M Americans are not having sex despite being married. Do not think you are alone if this is the situation you are in. However, you have to take control of the situation. Marriage is not a roommate situation but rather the stage where you get to be intimate as frequently as possible. With a sexless marriage you have to remember that there are bound to be deeper issues and unless you confront them you won’t make any progress.

There are a lot of benefits you get when you are having sex regularly and if you are not you will be missing out on quite a lot. You can do several things in going back to where you used to be with your partner. In going back to romance in the relationship you should start a sex diary. You ought to pick a specific time or day to have sex. With this in mind, you will prepare adequately. You are going to have great anticipation in this case and it will make it feel even more special.

The more you have sex the more you will want it which is why it should on your calendar. Taking a trip across town or abroad is another way you can bring back the romance in the marriage. You just have to leave the house for something new. It should be quality time spent between the two of you. Get a few days off from work or get a baby sitter if you have children. This means you will not be worried about the everyday pressures. When you are not worrying about kids or work, you can connect with your lover. All this will be in a peaceful environment. The importance of communication in a marriage cannot be emphasized. When there is good communication you can expect the relationship to be healthy. A sexless marriage is not the kind of a thing you would want to discuss but it is part of fixing it.

Do this outside the bedroom and discuss the matter fully. You have to take the time to listen and it should be a non-confrontational discussion. The issues that might have contributed to the problem might vary. Once those are fixed then comes intimacy. This is not a once-off discussion but rather something you need to keep up with. Talking will lead to great improvements in your relationship. Another important factor for you to think about is therapy as a couple if need be.