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How To Handle A Member Of The Family Who Has An Addiction
Managing addiction is a very difficult situation to be in. It is very difficult to witness a member of your family suffer from addiction. What is tougher is not knowing how to assist them. You probably do not know if what you are doing for them is helping or making things worse. There is a thin line between aiding them and fueling their addiction. It is important for you to be aware of the best way to help them. Whatever you choose to do should not deteriorate the situation even more. It is important for you not to discuss with the individual before understanding their psychology as an addict. The psychology of an addict is very different from that of a normal person. They have a way in which they behave and interact. You should be looking for these behaviors and tendencies keenly. Here are tips for handling a family member who has an addiction.
Realize that they are generally pathological liars. People with addictions lie almost all the time. This is actually the initial trait you should look out for to know if someone is an addict. People who are heavy addicts are good at lying their way out of situations so as to continue with using the drug. They are able to make any sort of utterances to get their preferred drug. Some addicts will lie about them being addicts as well. When you come to the realization of how good they are at lying then you can assist them.
Simply confronting them will not do the trick. You should be aware that talking to an addict about their condition in a simple manner doesn’t work. An addict will always try and get out of a situation regarding their addiction. This is because they are only thinking about where they will get their next dose. They have the ability to make you think they want to stop using their drug of choice. The reason they do this is to make you stop talking about drug use. The moment you realize that such talks won’t help then you can look for appropriate solutions.
Think about putting them through rehab. Before this you should be aware of what addiction they have. The step after this should be figuring out the duration of their addiction. With this data, you will be able to find the best rehab programs available for them.
Be there for the individual when they are going through the process. This is a very important aspect for an addict when they are trying to recover.

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