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Reasons Why an Employee Can Sue for Workplace Injury.

As a business owner, you ought to ensure that the workplace is safe. However, you can implement all the safety precautions you know and accidents will still occur. You do not have to do much in such cases. Any worker who is injured will file a workers compensation benefits. Some situations will call for a civil lawsuit though. Knowledge is the only protection you have in such cases. Workers compensation is meant to people who are injured in the line of duty. This holds regardless of the fault. The benefits paid cover medical expenses and even wage replacements. When you offer your workers this compensation, such cases will not end up with personal injury claims. With the employees getting these benefits, they have no grounds for suing you in the court of law. However, some extreme cases might end up the court way. If the employee can show that the injury happened because of negligence then they will have the upper hand. Personal injury settlement amounts can be very expensive.

You should also be well informed about reckless conduct. Gross negligence which led to an injury is also grounds for the employee to sue the employer. This is referred to as intentional misconduct in states where it is recognized. When you do not provide the employees with protective equipment and if the safety controls are poor then this is a classic example of gross negligence. Another aspect you ought to understand in this process is an intentional tort. If you assault, batter or imprison the employee on false charges then this will be the case. If there was physical harm then that is a tort claim. If there was emotional distress, the tort claims are also applicable. Emotional distress is qualified as an intentional injury. Even if this emotional distress was caused by a fellow employee or even a supervisor it still holds in the court of law.

Third party claims are also something you should be well informed about if you are an employer. If a third party had anything to do with the injuries then they will still be taken to court. The employee or the third party can be sued. The blame game is not going to do anyone any good which is why every employer should take responsibility for the workers. Do not waste time in helping an employee if it gets to your desk that they have been injured while carrying out business duties. Workers compensation claims should be filled within 24 hours. The workers will be highly motivated when they know they have your help no matter what happens instead of leaving them in the cold and letting things play out.