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How To Know The Symptoms Of Ingrown Toe Nails

Anyone who has experienced ingrown toenail knows the pain that comes with it, this is because a pointed side corner of the nail usually grow inside the delicate skin tissue that cause a lot of pain. Ingrown toenails is usually very painful especially I not treated immediately, it mostly occurs on the big toe nail but can occasionally be found on other toe nails too. Recognizing the ingrown toenails should be easy, since it affects the edge of the toe so usually youll feel and see it clearly.

Most clear symptom is redness on the part of the toe that is in contact with the skin, one may also feel some warmth after touching that area. When you see swelling on your toe, this can be a sign of ingrown toenail and it is also not a very good sign. Swelling may mean that you have an infection on the area of the toe and it may also affect other parts of the foot.

Another symptom of an ingrown toenail is pus or even blood, which is usually a sign that the infection has been left unattended for very long and one should seek doctors attention as soon as possible. When the nail grows into the skin it makes the skin look uneven and bigger than usual around the affected area of the toe, and this is usually a symptom of an ingrown toenail. A very obvious symptom of ingrown toenail is unbearable pain, this will also affect you in that you wont be able to walk with your shoes on and cant touch or let anything touch the affected area.

Ingrown toenails should be dealt with as soon as one finds them to avoid complications and too much cost in treating them. Using over the counter medicines, lemon wedges and also soaking your feet in water can be a great way of treating ingrown toenail at home. Seeking professional help is more efficient and effective for treating ingrown toes, the doctor can opt to cut the affected area or give oral medicine depending on the deepness of the infection.

For one to avoid getting ingrown toenails, they should make sure to groom their nails more frequently to avoid such problems from occurring. It is important to ensure that your toenails are always clipped to a good length, and to also ensure you wear fitting shoes in order to avoid getting ingrown toenails.