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Why Elderly Falls should Concern you

Seniors keep falling and this is always a major risk. You should be responsible for ensuring that seniors around are not exposed to falling easily. The greatest concern is that seniors may die from falling. When people are getting old, they dont get enough support from their bones and muscles. They also get more damages because of this. In this case, the senior may be prone to falling all the time. This may give your loved internal injuries.

You should also be concerned about elderly falls because they signal a need for change. You should check if a senior person is okay after they fall. You should then ensure that they get medical attention if they are not okay. They may be okay after they fall but they may be facing serious issues later. You should make adjustments to the living of your loved one in this case. You should also be concerned about elderly falls because they often go unreported. This is due to the fact the elderly fall but they dont want anyone to home. They also dont report because they fear they may lose their independence. This is why you should emphasize on reporting because these falls may also lead to various complications.

You should be concerned about senior falls because they may be caused by serious conditions. Falls for elderly people may be caused by a disease like arthritis. This is why you should ensure that your loved gets a full body examination. This will ensure that you will know if your loved is suffering from serious diseases. You will also start treatment before its too late. The fact that broken bones in elderly people take time to heal is another reason why elderly falls should concern you. The healing process in seniors is always very slow. Sometimes the healing may not even take place. This may also reduce the quality of life of a person. The broken bones may also be healed through.

Chronic fatigue may also be the main cause of elderly falls and this should prompt you to be concerned. A lot of seniors spend a better part of their day sitting in a fixed position. Their muscles greatly weaken because of lack of movement. This also causes chronic tiredness and this makes it hard for them to actually move around. Elderly falls should also concern you because they may cause lots of complications after surgery. Failure to heal from falls, means seniors have to undergo surgery. These surgeries are very complicated and this may lead to errors. Surgeries on seniors can also pose a lot of threats including death.