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Treatment on Obstruction Sleep Apnea.

Obstruction sleep apnea is when someone’s breathing becomes shallow and stops intermittently resulting in very poor sleep quality. Sleep apnea makes a person keep gasping or snoring at night thus giving the person very uncomfortable sleepless nights due to the waking up in the middle of the sleep. According to research sleep apnea is found mostly in men than in women and this is due to the body set up and heavyweight however some women also suffer from sleep apnea though the percentage is less compared to that of men. Due to overweight obstruction sleep apnea may become severe thus leading to difficulty in breathing and also heavy snoring that’s caused by the weight which may lead in breathing problems while sleeping.

Obstruction sleep apnea is unhealthy since it results to poor sleep and poor sleep may lead to serious fatigue and too much fatigue is very unhealthy since if not controlled or detected early may lead into depression. people need adequate sleep as this is very important in relaxing the body and mind but when you notice someone is struggling at night having sleeplessness it means they are undergoing some serious condition like sleep apnea which may need medical attention. People who suffer from sleep apnea tend to get irritated anyhow and this occurs without them noticing they always have unstable mood that only someone close to them can notice as the victim will never notice the changes.

The side effects of obstructive sleep apnea are poor health condition that is obesity and deteriorating of life quality due to the sleeplessness. The more side effects include damaging of brain and when the brain tampers with it tends to affect the responding of the victim thus affecting alertness. By losing weight is one of the first things sleep apnea victims should think of as too much weight deteriorates the condition big time. Excess fat very unhealthy it makes people lead unhealthy life that’s why people with sleep apnea need to check on their weight if they want to have the condition gone the fats are a result to obstruction of the muscles on the throat and the chest.

Alcohol should be an enemy to people suffering from sleep apnea as this is one way of controlling the condition. The victim should avoid using sleeping pills as this may deteriorate the persons sleeping condition thus if in case they don’t use the pills it’d be hard for them to even get some normal sleep automatically. The victim should try and sleep on the sides this way they will give ways to opening of the airways on the throat thus allowing the victim to breathe at ease and comfortable sleeping on their back tends to contribute to discomfort in breathing and dryness of the mouth and throat.