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Erasing Data before Recycling Your Devices
The consumer electronics sales is expected to reach 351 billion dollars which would be a 3.9% increase. A high number of citizens on a mobile phone which is why they run high on the consumer electronics sales. Several people purchase electronics which is why an average family in the country produces 176 pounds of e-waste annually.

Using a lot of devices means you have to think about recycling but consider various data security protocols and tips which should be followed. Cybercrime happens a lot nowadays which is why you should make sure you have followed the right data security protocols anytime you recycle your electronic devices. Recycling your devices will help you keep off cybercriminals who usually target small businesses and any unsuspecting individuals so you should always why your entire data permanently from the device.

You can save yourself a lot of headaches when you backup data before switching smartphones or donating old electronics. More people lose their smartphones because of theft so you can remotely delete the data when everything is backed up. If you back up the data then you can access them from any location by using other devices like laptops and desktops or use data acquisition tools.

You can decide to use cloud storage services which allow you to backup and access the information online and if you don’t have a lot of files then consider free cloud storage. Once you have created a backup then you should delete every stored data in your device which will depend on the device you have. Information in your computers and laptop will be secure when young use a disk cleaning software to make sure you have a permanent method of erasing data in the device’s internal hard drive.

The software will help you delete any saved passwords on a browser, and it is impossible to recover any deleted data. The cleaning software gives you options like ‘secure erase’ or ‘disk wiping’, but the internal hard drive offers ‘secure erase’ features. Take advantage of the disk wiping utility which will erase everything in a hard drive and the program permanently remove information in flash drives and EHDs.

You should always complete factory reset on your mobile devices and tablets before they are recycled since they all have a built-in factory reset program so it will be easy to erase data. You should protect your SIM card by ensuring everything is erased and remove it from the device before taking it to a recycling facility. You should factory reset your video gaming consoles like PlayStation so it will delete any saved data like your payment details and game files. Sometimes we save our account and payment details in video gaming consoles so you should factory reset then to erase everything, but they should be backed up so you won’t Lewis important information.