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The Differences Between Certified Mail and Registered Mail

Even though the modern world has changed in a lot of ways, and technology is a strong vehicle of communication, it goes without saying that there are still a lot of reasons to send things through the mail today. If one is sending mail to a distant place, and if the contents of the mail are sensitive or of high value, then one might be worried about whether or not they will make it to their destination in good condition. Those who want this peace of mind, then, can send their items through certified or registered mail. Here, then, are a few facts and differences between certified and registered mail – these will help one to select the right kind of mail for whatever it is he or she is planning to send.

There are a number of items that are best sent through certified mail, and these include bills payments and legal documents which must arrive at their destination within a sensitive time period. Certified mail has a lot of benefits to give to those who choose it, and one of these is the fact that they will receive a receipt that shows the date and time that the documents or items were sent. One might know that there often spring up misunderstandings about when the bills were paid or the legal documents sent, and it is good to know that a receipt like this could really clear things up between the two parties. Another wonderful reason why certified mail is a good idea for bills payments and legal documents is that it allows these items to travel fast and to get to their destination on time. One will also feel peace of mind when using certified mail, knowing that a signature will be asked upon receipt, meaning that the documents will fall into the right hands.

On the other hand, there is registered mail, with its own special benefits to give you – you use registered mail when you send gifts which are of great value, expensive items, breakable things, and so on. If you send items through registered mail, you need to be sure that you are not in a hurry to have them arrive, as registered mail travels a lot slower than certified mail. The reason why the process is slow is because great care is taken of every package that is sent, as the items that are sent this way are usually those which are fragile and expensive.

For these reasons, then, people should evaluate their mail or other packages before sending them – these reasons will really help them choose the kind of mail that is best.