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Ways You Can Fix a Leaking Shower

If you have noticed the paint near your shower wall peeling off, it could be an indication that your shower is leaking. It can be difficult to notice a shower pipe that is leaking behind a wall. Unnoticed shower leaks may cause mold growths and terrible smells in your home. One can easily fix a shower leakage by themselves. In this article, the ways by which one can fix a shower leakage are talked about.

If you are to fix your shower, you should first identify the leakage source. You should identify the leakage source first when fixing a leaking shower. There may be many pipes behind the wall, and this may make it difficult to locate the leaking pipe. You can identify the leakage source by checking if the caulking areas around your shower have broken. You can create an access point to fix the leakage if it is within your wall.

Creating an access panel will help you fix your leaking shower. Creating an access panel will allow you to identify the leaking pipe without tampering with the surrounding of your shower. One should be careful when creating an access point as this will prevent them from tampering with other pipes.

You can adjust your leaking shower by tightening its connections. One main cause of shower leakages is the loosening of the pipe connections. You can use the access panel to get to the loose pipe connections and tighten it with the necessary tools.

The next way you to fix a leaking shower is by fixing the shower arm. You may have a difficult time locating a leak on the shower arm. Removing the shower arm and cleaning its threads using a wire brush will be a first step to fixing the leak. You can then wrap the threads using a plumbers tape then you reinstall the shower arm.

Fixing shower valves is important when fixing shower leakages. Fixing the shower valve will help solve leaks that are behind the shower wall. Fixing shower valves can be done by unscrewing the knob holding the handle then cutting out the old valve. You can reinstall the shower valve back after you have installed the new valve.

The next way to fix leaking showers is by fixing waste pipes. You can solve such problem by identifying the pipework and tightening the connections to fix the leak.

You can set a leaking shower if you fix its crevices. You should check the cracks that are in your shower tray if you are still wondering why your shower is still leaking. You can solve this by checking the crevices and sealing it with a water-resistance substance.

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