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Things Your Auto Insurer Knows About You

The insurance company will be able to pay you when you get into an accident, and you had insured your vehicle with them. The payment will depend on the risk that you had insured with the insurance company, and you both made a contract where you would be paying a certain amount of money known as premiums. An insurance company can cover many losses including theft and even natural disasters. The following are the things that your insurer knows about you.

The first thing that your insurer knows about you is your driving record. Your driving record will be able to show all the places that you have had a driving license. The insurance company will also be in apposition to determine all the driving mistakes that you have done in the past. The insurance company will be able to know all the crashes that you have caused even the once that you were not told about.

Your driving license status will be known by the insurance company. By use of the records the insurer will be able to determine if you have a driving license and also if the license is valid or has expired. The reason that caused your license to be revoked will be known by the insurer. The insurer will also be in a position to know if you have been paying your child support or not.

The third thing that the insurance company also knows about you is your claim history from the past occurrences. You will mainly have a cover for collisions or damage to the car that results from something else other than collision. When your report shows a lot of past claims will tend to scare away auto insurance companies that would ensure your car for damages. An insurer may tend to charge you more amount as premiums when you have many past claims.

Your credit history will be known by the insurance company when you choose to take an insurance cover for your vehicle. They will be in a position to tell how you have been handling credits which will help them to know if you will be able to pay the premium amount that you have signed a contract to be paying. If at any instance you have ever failed to pay your credits it will reduce your score for an insurance cover with a certain insurance company. In conclusion, the above points show the things that an insurance company knows about you.