How To Pick Up An Instrument At Any Age

You might be an avid listener of music, or you may just be looking to fill some of your spare time with a new hobby. It may seem intimidating, but playing music of any kind can prove to be a rewarding way to pass the time. To pursue this new endeavor, follow the steps below.

Play What Interests You

Being inspired by other musicians’ prowess is often a reason why most instruments are picked up. You will find it easier to learn this new craft if you share a passion for the tone of the instrument and already have a knowledge of songs that feature said instrument. Simply choosing an instrument that will be quicker to learn can be a disservice to your musical talent if you lose interest in it in the long run.

Shop For A Starter

The instrument you learn on does not have to be an expensive, top-of-the-line model of its kind. Yes, it is an investment, but you’ll want to protect your wallet in the event you drop this hobby as quickly as you pick it up. A high-end model can serve as your reward when you become proficient enough in your playing. Visit local shops, such as a piano store Boston, to get an idea of hand-feel or playability, then perform a few online searches as well.

Decide How You Learn Best

There is no shortage of instructors or teaching materials available to you in-person, through text, or on video. Decide what best suits your learning style and your schedule, and go from there. A tutor will keep you accountable, but if you desire to be self-taught, open yourself up to different resources.

No matter your age, any time is a good time to learn an instrument! Whatever the spark, be sure to nurture it and be kind to yourself as you undergo the learning process. It won’t be a day, a week, or even a few months before you will arrive where you want to be, but it will be worth it.