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Tips For Making Your Commercial Kitchen Layout

Putting up a commercial kitchen layout is one of the most essential part of starting your own restaurant. Constructing a commercial kitchen is not as effortless as buying all the cooking equipment and displaying them altogether. A commercial kitchen needs to be properly planned so that you can always preserve the safety and hygiene in the kitchen as well as boost your workers efficiency, thereby improve the profits. There are a few aspects you should keep in mind before setting up your kitchen.

Kitchen Equipment

Basically, you have three main choices to choose from when you are picking for your kitchen equipment. Firstly, you can purchase all brand new kitchen equipment. This is the most costly choice but often times very worthwhile. But, you have to buy new kitchen dishes and utensils. Secondly, you can also opt leasing kitchen equipment. This option usually require monthly payments. This is mostly practical for kitchen products that do not last that long, like ice dispenser machines. You also have the option of buying second-hand or used kitchen equipment. This is especially common for hardwearing kitchen items, like commercial ovens. However, when buying these items you need to be careful not to pick broken or damaged items.

Storage Space
Keeping things properly organized in your commercial kitchen will promote efficiency. This is why you need to have a storage space. You need to compare different types of storage space before choosing one. Click this site to know more about storage rooms.

Safety Measures

Extra care should be done in order to ensure that the kitchen is safe for employees, thus minimizing the possibility of accidents. You should have sufficient lighting across the rooms, including the assigned areas for your storage room. Kitchen items must not be left lying on the floor to avoid any lead falls and slips. Be sure that your flooring is not slippery, and non-slip mats must be used in places where spillage is most likely to occur. The kitchen will have several cooking surfaces, so make sure that fire extinguishers are stationed at regular intervals and the employees knows how to use them. In addition, every workers must be given enough mitts, aprons, and other protective equipment. Click this site to read more about maintaining safety.


Firstly, wet and dry ingredients must be stored separately. Every kitchen equipment that will be used have to be washed before the cooking begins, and the floors and counters mopped meticulously. Personal hygiene of the workers is equally significant as the maintenance of hygiene in the equipment itself. To learn more about proper hygiene in the kitchen, click this site here.

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