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Benefits of Tree Planting

People plant trees for different reasons. Beautification and relaxing areas are some of the reasons that drive people to plant trees. Read this article for more advantages of planting trees.

Planting trees is essential in strengthening the soil. Trees are essential in curbing soil erosion, raises the fertility of the soil as well as increasing the moisture content of the soil. This occurs where the leaves from the trees reach the ground surface and cover it preventing evaporation of the moisture, this moisture eventually enhances the composition of this leaves forming manure. This will enhance the microbial activities in this particular soil which is significant.

The second benefit of tree planting is that it helps in controlling soil erosion. Where there is waterfall on a bear ground or strong winds on the uncovered land, there will be soil erosion. Where the water drops hit the open surface with a bigger magnitude, they carry away the soil. The top soil on the ground is carried out by the wind hence causing severe erosion on the soil surface. Tree planting is essential as the roots compact the soil together and the leaves of these same trees hold the rain drops hence reducing the heavy erosion that could occur on the soil.

Contamination of the water will not occur where the trees have been planted. Water that is due to storm often contains very harmful substances like phosphorus. The water goes directly into the water bodies in a case where there are no trees available. This can lead to a massive death of the water animals as they will be poisoned. Where the trees are present, this polluted water finds its way to the soil by following the channels created by the tree roots hence saving the aquatic sources.

There will be very minimal or no chances of global warming where trees have been planted along the streets. The trees planted are vital in curbing the poisonous gases in the streets as well as bringing a cooling effect which is against global warming conditions. There are so many people in the cities and in a case of global warming which could have occurred by replacing the trees on streets by the asphalt roads many will be affected The many and high buildings in the cities with no trees greatly increases the chances for global warming.

There will be a normal air conditioning in a case where you have planted trees in your home. Planting trees in strategic positions saves you the expense of fixing air conditioners in your building as they are able to regulate the air in a very natural way. Besides this, they also help in removing the poisonous gases from the air in your environment.

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