Biggest Mistakes That Artists Make On SoundCloud

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You should remember that almost every relevant and active musician nowadays is using SoundCloud as the way of promoting the tracks, new albums, and gigs.

The platform is one of the most significant communities in which music lovers enjoy listening to the latest songs and be in front of new trends.

Finally, you will be able to get direct feedback on your tracks and interact with people that love your music so that you can connect with them and improve your music along the way.

It is convenient and straightforward to use. It is free and you will not be able to miss the idea of reaching new and unknown people.

One of the ways to boost your fan-base is to buy SoundCloud plays because that way you can create initial improvement that will help you for the future tracks.

Most labels are currently using SoundCloud for fast connection with potential artists. However, a few mistakes can make your profile unwanted and uninteresting, so you have to learn everything about them because that way, you can fix them with ease.

Remember that first impression is something that tends to last, especially in massive production that we live in. Therefore, you have to make sure that everyone who visits your profile gets a good impression in matter of seconds.

You can do it by setting up the profile correctly because that is the best way for reaching new people in general.

1.Create a Consistent URL

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It is essential to understand that SoundCloud should be extension of your profile. Therefore, it should be ultimately the same as other social media platforms and websites that you are using.

In case that your band is called “The Greatest Band,” and your FB page is, it means that you should create the same URL for SoundCloud because that way you will optimize your profile so that visitors that are more organic could reach you.

You will be able to edit everything by checking out the profile, and you do not need to pay for a subscription to do it. You can check here, to learn more on comparison of music streaming platforms.

2.Implement Social Media Links

The common mistake is neglecting the ability to connect SoundCloud with other social media platforms and vice versa because that is the best way to reach more audience than before.

We can all agree that social media is the perfect solution for young generation, and according to statistics, the majority of people will immediately check out for your social media page when they are investigating and researching a new artist that they have discovered.

You have probably found out about numerous bands by using Facebook, which is why you should create pages for your group and try to connect them all together.

Imagine that you enter a profile and you do not notice other platforms; you will not be interested because that would create an amateur-like perspective from the new artist you saw.

With SoundCloud, you will have an integrated ability to implement social media links to your profile, and you can also add thumbnail images so that fans can reach your official website as well.

You can do it by entering the Advanced Profile settings, and during the setup, you should restrict the number of networks that you are using. The essential ones are from YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and the official website.

Have in mind that if you add too many links, you will create confusion and people are less likely to click on any one of them. If you wish to promote your music online for free, you should check out this site:

3.You Have To Create Interesting Contact Information and Basic Bio

The common problem that bands are doing across this particular platform is the neglecting of biography. Therefore, they do not provide a short and up-to-the-point biography as well as contact information.

It is crucial to sort this thing out and avoid writing the novel inside the bio, but also avoid not putting anything inside. Think of it as general presentation not just too potential fans and listeners, but managers, label bosses, and scouts.

Therefore, everything you add can help you get a potential record deal. It is vital to place your email address on the top, followed by a short biography on how you started and what you wish to achieve with your music.

We recommend you to limit it between 50 and 250 words and do it in third person. Try to answer who you are, what you do, as well as things that you achieved.

You can also integrate your gig archive or agenda, but have in mind that this particular point is useless because SoundCloud’s goal is to promote your music, while you can leave your official website for additional information.

Of course, people go to your profile to listen the music, which means that they will look the one, which is on the top of your feed, as well as the ones that feature most comments and plays. That way, you can lead them to listen the best songs so that they can remain inside.