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Top Engagement Rings that You Can Use as a Proposal to Your Fiance

In case you are about to propose to your fiance, you will need to research the best engagement ring you should buy. In the industry, you will find that most of the engagement rings are made from diamond. You will have other diamond ring alternative, as there are those who are not interested in the diamond rings. It can be due to creativity to break the monotony, or you want the engagement ring that you use to propose to be colorful. Therefore you will need to read more in this article, to help you identify the best and colorful engagement ring that you should propose to your fiance.

One needs to understand the Mohs scale before they start choosing the best engagement ring. The Mohs scale describes how hard the gemstone is. Since the ring will be worn most of the time, you will need to look for a gemstone that is hard and durable. Therefore, the gemstone should be high on the Mohs scale. Prior to the making of the gemstone, it is key that you consider discussing with the jeweler. There will be a need to consult with your jeweler since they best have an understanding of the gemstone as they interact with them almost daily. The gemstones are classified depending on their difference in the Mohs scale, and these are explained in this post.

One of the classes of the gemstones is the precious stones. It is the precious stones that will arise in your mind when one talks about the gemstones. The list of the gemstones that you will find in this class of gemstones will include the diamond, emeralds, rubies, and even the sapphire. Since these gemstones have a high Mohs scale value, they will not be easily destructible. Also, these stones are rare, making them more valuable.

An example of the stones found in this category will be the colored diamond. Sometimes, the white diamond may not be your taste but the colored diamond will. The diamond will still be hard and durable, but there will be an inclusion of the color. Also, there is the ruby gemstone that can be used in the making of the engagement rings. Love is always symbolized by red, and that is the color of the rubies, making it a good choice for the making of the engagement rings. The other advantage of the rubies is that it is hard and durable. However, there are other colors of the sapphire, and every color of the rainbow is present for the making of the engagement ring.

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