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Frequently Asked Questions About Divorce

Many people lack legal training and this increases the number of questions about divorce, a number of them being for specific situations and some are those that are asked every now and then. This article outlines frequently divorce fags and their responses.

Are there chances of reaching to terms of divorce verbally? If the world was ideal, each would mean what they promise hence not making anybody to be worried. However, this is not possible in this world. While the discussion on the terms of divorce can be productive, these terms are not legally binding till you and your spouse endorse them in writing. Without an indisputable record of divorce that meets legislation requirement, the court does not have a way to ensure that agreements are not violated.

How possible is it to stop proceedings with divorce after it has begun. It is possible to stop a divorce while it is in progress. Nevertheless, this is only possible if your spouse and you have not entered into a legally binding contract and the judge is yet to finalize any decree. In case you see it to your benefit to terminate the process before it can be completed, make sure you file a petition so that the divorce gets dismissed. You should cross-examine yourself to be completely sure that you want this to happen then notify your lawyer within the shortest possible time to avoid complications.

Is self-representation a possible option? Although it is possible for you to represent yourself in a case of divorce, avoid doing so. It is not a good idea because there is much at stake, which is children, assets, and property, among others. By representing yourself, you are going to lose a lot of money because divorce is not an easy thing. In addition to not having legal expertise that is needed to reach to a resolution that satisfies, you will also have the burden of navigating the complicated issues of a divorce while handling a family life that stresses and working your daily job.

How does a court determine the legal fees payment? To determine who will pay for various expenses and how much a divorce costs, many factors such as the necessity of litigation, the duration a marriage has existed, earnings of each spouse, and financial stability of each are put into consideration. Divorces that are not contested are less expensive, unlike contested divorces. When possible, both spouses are needed to cover their respective legal expenses but if not, the court may order the highly paid spouse to meet a portion of the spouses legal fees. Assets can also be sold in order to pay for legal expenses.