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Shopify and Amazon Features

If at all you are selling online, it goes without saying that you must already be knowing of the fact that Shopify and Amazon are some of the biggest online platforms for ecommerce. Looking at the need to settle for one, the challenge is in settling for the one that would be most ideal for your needs even in as much as it is a fact that either are such great platforms that actually move billions and are so massive in their volumes of trade.

Essentially the raging debate over the two is one that may not get to a conclusion as a result of the fact that there are a number of differences that happen to be setting them apart. In this article, we have taken a particular look at some of the comparative facts of the features there are on these two platforms that would be of help to you for the need to make an informed decision on which of them would be the most ideal for your needs.

First, see some of the Features on Shopify.

The one thing that must be known when it comes to the platform Shopify is, just as has been noted above, that this is one of the most powerful e-commerce platforms. Shopify actually gets you such a multiplicity in plans for your online trading efforts and as a matter of fact, these plans will sure suit your business whatever the size of the business. Added to this, all of these plans will as well get you a large selection of tools that will be of so much help to your need to build your online store and market your product as much as you may wish for.

With Shopify, you have the opportunity to create your own branded online site for business and stock this with as many products as you may want. Looking at this platform and the bandwidth offer, you find on it such an unlimited bandwidth and as well online storage no matter the kind of plan you settle for. Over and above this, there are a number of the other features that actually come with this platform, Shopify and these are such as the Manual Order features, Staff accounts, Online Sales Channels amongst a host of many others. But in as much as these happen to be so, you need to know of the fact that when it comes to marketing and promotion needs, with Shopify you will have to provide for these on your own and as well you will be coughing a monthly pay for the platform altogether. For a fact, the element of subscription is applicable to either of the platforms and as such to help you know of the marked differences between the two, see here for the Amazon features and their variations to make an informed decision on which of the two to use for your ecommerce needs.

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